It has become an annual traditional in January for us, the Ladies of

CrossFit Solid Orange Powerlifting Competition. 



But it is more than just an event to cheer on our athletes; it is an excuse for all of us to get together as one big FAMILY.






It began with an athlete debriefing to make sure all the athletes

understood the rules.  Every athlete gets three attempts to lift the most weight they can in the back squat, bench press and deadlift.  Since the deadlift is everyone’s strongest lift, it was saved for the end.  With the support from fellow members, friends, family, and most importantly – the other athletes, everyone hit a new personal best in at least one lift! 


We had three powerlifting divisions this year, and used what is known as a Wilks Coefficient to adjust for body weight differences.  Our three ladies that won their divisions were: Jennie Garrett (Div. I), GG Cummings (Div. II) and Stacie Mustafa (Div. III).  Stacie successfully defended her victory from last year as well!  


What the men you ask?  Well for the first time we decided to have men’s “Calf-Off” competition…in between the bench press and the deadlift. 


The men got to walk out to their own music and show off the goods for the entire room!  The ladies said it was the most fun they ever had at CrossFit Solid Orange 🤣


Finally, the event could not have happened without all the helpers. 



Everyone pitched in to change the weights, safely spot the athletes during their lifts, and finally give them the vocal push they needed when things got difficult!



What an amazing start to 2019 and I can’t wait to see the amazing things we will do together this year!