Low carb diets are increasing in popularity rapidly and for a good reason!

They work well and deliver sustainable results. Here’s why:

 Benefits of eating fewer carbs, no processed foods, and no sugar.

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Avoiding carbs, processed foods and sugar reduces your appetite. Hunger is a big issue for a lot of people, especially when dieting.

 One of the best advantages to this type of eating is the natural appetite suppressant. Lots of studies out there have looked at people’s’ diets and have found that reducing carbs in favor of more protein and high-quality fats lead to fewer total calories being consumed.

 Avoiding processed foods also improves many health markers. There’s a good saying that states:

 “If the ingredient list of the food you’re about to eat looks more like a chemistry lesson, you’re better off avoiding it.”

 Most processed foods contain tons of ingredients that are very unhealthy. Avoiding such foods and picking whole foods instead naturally improves your health.

 Sticking to Meat, veggies and seeds/nuts for health.

Meat is high in protein and contains healthy fats that your body needs for normal brain function, hormones, and cells. Making it a regular part of your diet is a good idea.

 Veggies are voluminous, filled with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Eating more of them is a great way to improve your health and feel satiated with fewer total calories.

 Seeds and nuts are also filled with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and are a great compliment to a good diet.


What are Macros (Protein, Fat, Carbs)

Macronutrients are the components that make up food. Each macronutrient contains a certain amount of calories per gram. Protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram and fats have 9 calories per gram.

 Why eating a low Carb high Protein & Fat diet is good for you because of the effects on the body and the glycemic index.

 Eating a diet that is high in protein and healthy fats and low in carbohydrates (specifically fast-digesting ones such as processed foods) is a great way to get and stay in shape.

 Not only is this diet very satiating, but fats generally add taste and texture to your meals and leave you satisfied.

 Protein is integral to muscle growth and maintenance and everyone should aim to get at least 25% of their total calories from protein.