CrossFit is fun, engaging, challenging and each workout doesn’t take as long to complete. This is a perfect fit for people looking to maximize their results, make some new friends and not have to live in the gym.

CrossFit is an engaging way of improving your functional fitness by varying the exercise selection, doing a ton of work in a short time and building a great body.

 The way I see it, this is a triple win.

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 CrossFit is also awesome for competitive people. You enter a gym with 20 other people of different ages and fitness levels and each of you competes to do the most work. Whoever does that is deemed the fittest.

But it doesn’t stop there. CrossFit offers much more variability than other types of physical activity. It involves ropes, boxes, barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and more.

You get to improve on a lot of different fitness capacities all of which have a direct carryover to your daily life.

As CrossFit became more popular with more and more people practicing it, it became important to standardize the sport. So, CrossFit added requirements for movements to ensure proper execution:


Your hips have to sink below parallel on an air squat.

You must achieve a full extension at the top the box on a box jump.

You must keep your hands off the ground on a (hand-release) pushup.

 Standard rules that level the playing field.

 As CrossFit became more and more popular, this naturally led to the first competition – The CrossFit Games. Whoever could perform the most work in the least amount of time was deemed a winner.

 And because CrossFit is tough, it attracts some very hard-working and driven people. The community is also very awesome and supportive of newcomers.

Walk into any CrossFit gym and you’ll be met by tons of awesome individuals who will encourage you to be your best self and improve.

Because of the dynamic of CrossFit and how different each workout feels, it also motivates you to keep going, to keep building muscle, and to lose fat. Compared to the boring nature of cardio or isometric weight training, CrossFit is a new, engaging and unique way to get in shape.

So, what are you waiting for?

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