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Think about the last time you started a new exercise or nutrition program. Filled with excitement, you had great intentions…at the beginning. Maybe you filled your refrigerator with healthy food, bought new workout clothes for motivation, and even stuck with the program for a while. But, as the days, weeks, and months wore on, your interest waned and you found yourself making excuses about why you couldn’t do it.
Then you started to get discouraged. You weren’t getting the immediate results you expected. You started skipping your workouts and eating “cheat meals” more often than not. And, instead of the svelte new body you were expecting, the numbers on the scale remained unchanged and you threw in the towel.
To be honest, failing to achieve your goals wasn’t your fault.
A healthy lifestyle change is an ongoing journey and it is understandable to find your motivation fading every once in a while. This is where accountability coaches and partners can really help. By providing you with gentle reminders of the goal you wanted to achieve when you started, and by prodding you to show up via email, texts, and daily chats, coaches and partners can help inspire you to continue on your journey.
You need to know the answers to these questions to succeed:
Who will encourage you to reach your goals? Who can you talk to when you are feeling vulnerable and frustrated? Who will wait for you at the gym to make sure you show up?
You can not only be accountable to yourself; it doesn’t work. But, with the support of a community of people who understand and support what you are going through and what your end goal is, you are one step closer to success. More than being able to discuss your successes and setbacks with a coach, family member, or friend, accountability also encompasses your “why”, as in why did you start this program in the first place?
Do you want to lower your bad cholesterol?
Do you want to look good for a high school reunion?
Do you have young children who rely on you?
Are you getting married and want to look stunning for your upcoming nuptials?
Whatever your reason, know that you are not only doing this for yourself, but also to ensure you are around for your family and friends for years to come. Our accountability coaches are trained to help keep you on track.
Contact Us and let’s discuss your goals and make a plan to help you reach them.