It’s already 2019! The athlete we have chosen to spotlight for January is Anthony Ritch!  He has been here for almost two years and his transformation has been incredible.  He played college Baseball at the Florida State University and CrossFit gives him an opportunity to stay competitive with himself. 🔥


What is your background?

Born and raised in Memphis and a job bright me to Nashville.  Been married for almost 5 years and we have a son who is about to turn 4 in March 2019.


What do you do for a living? 

Major Projects Manager for Johnson Controls – means everything with a 750k minimum and responsible for projecting financials to our shareholders, along with getting the project completed on schedule. I was in Texas helping out on 2 hospitals: one in Austin and another one in El Paso on the army base for a large chunk of 2018!

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

Getting my first Bar Muscle Up. It took around 1.5 months of every time at the box working with bands slowly working away from them. 💪


Who do you admire that motivates you?

Doing all this for a better me but mostly for my son… I would love to stay active with him and be involved with his sports once he gets older.



What have you learned about yourself from the workouts here?

I hate running with a passion – Running for the workout ‘MURPH’ sucked!! Especially the last run. (MURPH = 1 Mile Run + 100 Pull-ups + 200 Push-ups + 300 Squats + 1 Mile Run)


How do you view the person you are today compared to before you started?

Completely different to be honest an all around better person and better athlete.  Once I started to be able to do RX workouts (the workouts as written, in other words, the non-scaled, harder version) was the point I knew that i was getting stronger.


Your favorite workout?

Not sure if I have a favorite, but I like barbell workouts with Snatches and Cleans!


If you had the time, what countries would you visit?

Being in ‘People to People’ as a kid I got to travel quite a bit. I would love to visit Iceland and Greenland. – First thing I’d do? Go hiking to see Lake Mývatn in Iceland and Kayak the blue river in Greenland.