It’s already October 2018…and our Athlete of the Month is Eric Foulds!  He moved to Nashville in 2017 and has already found a tremendous amount of success here!  Relocating from the greater Boston Massachusetts area, he proudly supports all of the New England sports teams with a different shirt or hat every time he’s at CFSO. :)

 You are very disciplined… why do you come so regularly?

I first lost a good amount of weight and got in shape a few years ago, and it felt so good to do that that I’ve been driven to continue that path since. I feel much better about myself and my day when I make it to the Box that making it as much as I can just comes natural. I find it more difficult to talk myself out of going than to make sure I have time for class. I guess it’s just easy to do when I enjoy it.

When did you start and what was your main reason for joining CFSO?

I actually just passed my 1 year mark. I started at the end of September 2017 just after I moved to Nashville. I kept driving by this one sign advertising it and I knew I wanted to get into CrossFit so I figured I’d check it out since the price was great. Then once I tried out a class and met a few people the vibe just seemed right up my alley. 

Your advice to someone anxious about trying CrossFit?

Just give it a shot. Nobody starts with experience. Reach out, talk to the coaches at a box and go try out a class. It’s been one of my best decisions.

What is your proudest CrossFit Achievement?

Specifically, I knew before I even came here I wanted to be able to do a muscle-up, and finally accomplishing that and slowly being able to string together multiple has been something I’ve been so thrilled about. 

What is something fun (besides CrossFit) you did recently?

This summer I made my way back home to Massachusetts a few times, which was all a lot of fun, but I’ll single out one of the trips. For 21 years my dad and I have gone on a camping trip to Liberty, ME with a big group of guys from our area. It’s always one of my favorite weekends of the year and this year was just as fun as ever. 

Your favorite workout?

I always find it tough to pick a favorite anything. I enjoy the ones with a combination of running and lifting, like Nancy (overhead squats + 1.25 miles running). But, I also love a long grinding workout like some of the Hero WODs. 


If a Workout was named after you, what difficult movement would have to be in it?

I’m sure if you asked anyone in the Box they’d say running! Which I don’t disagree with. It would probably be a bodyweight-centered workout. Pull-ups definitely. 

What do you do for a living?

I am an EMT for AMR, and currently in school to get me AEMT license. 


Tell us something people don’t know about you?

This is tough because I’m typically pretty open, I don’t keep much to myself. I guess a fun fact that I don’t talk about much is that when I was diving in college I broke my school’s 1-meter record that’s still in place, and finished top 6 in both 1 and 3 meter in New England Div III. I’m really proud of it but I don’t like to brag much about it. 

Give us a suggestion for a “Question of the Day”…

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