Our CrossFit box isn’t the same without Moses here, our December AOM! His giant smile and positive vibes seem to encourage everyone.  He once stated that he was skeptical of CrossFit before trying it out, and now he can’t go without it!

What do you do for a living?

I’m a Fire Captain for the Nashville Fire Dept.


What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

My proudest moment at the box was performing ring muscle-ups.


How do you compare the CrossFit workouts with the type of workouts you did in the past? 

I enjoy CrossFit workouts because of the encouragement to constantly challenge myself. When working out alone I tended to stay in a comfort zone and not really push my boundaries.


What have you learned since starting workouts here?

One of the things I learned about myself that surprised me was how much I had left in the tank when I thought I was done. I remember the first few workouts, after the strength portion, thinking I couldn’t go any further but get a burst of energy when the WOD started.

How many goals have you achieved so far – and what where they?

I’ve achieved quite a few! Pretty much every Olympic movement (Clean & Jerk + Snatch) was new to me so when I execute one properly I’m pleased with the results. From there, I just strive to improve my PR’s


How do you view yourself now vs. right before you started?

I can definitely tell a difference in my overall fitness level. My recovery time has gotten much better. There are times after certain WODs that I crash and feel like I’m dying but a few minutes later and I’m back to normal.


Your favorite workout?

Pretty much anything with cleans and front squats. I’m pleased with how my front rack positioning has improved since starting at the box so I enjoy any opportunity to work on those moves.


Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I played the trumpet in my Jr. High band, we were the only Jr. High band in the country to play in a presidential inauguration parade….in the early 90’s