find personal trainer belle meade - Athlete of the Month: Phuong Dollar

Phuong Dollar is a true role model for her hard work and persistence. When she started at CrossFit Solid Orange, her husband Brett said that she wanted to be active and fit, but had never done much working out before. That changed quickly and Phuong even overcame an early shoulder injury to become one of the most consistent members at CFSO. Given her extremely busy schedule of working, studying for school, and married life, she never uses them as an excuse and always makes time for her Fitness & Health! Also, she is so competitive with her husband, when you see her answer for a workout movement, you’ll understand why. 🤣
Give everyone some information on your background… I’m currently enrolled in Lipscomb’s dual program- Pharmacy and Healthcare Informatics. I have a BA in Business and MBA in Healthcare Management. I am originally from the South of Vietnam. However, I would like to tell people that I am from Dothan, AL because it is my husband’s hometown and we lived there for almost three years before we moved to Nashville. I have three dogs- ALL MUTTS. I do love dogs! And YES, I do want more dogs! 🐶

find crossfit bellevue - Athlete of the Month: Phuong Dollar

What are your plans for your profession once you graduate?
I plan to do a residency in Informatics after I graduate. Then I will hopefully get a job in an informatics department at a hospital or healthcare related facility in Nashville.
What got you to give CrossFit a chance? My husband wanted us to try something we could do together to stay in shape so he looked around until he found CFSO. Also we had seen the all CFSO signs posted all around Antioch!

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What is your proudest moment at CFSO? There are many! First push up, then my first pull up (and it was strict)! I believe that I can do anything if I can put enough time and effort into it. 💪
You attend classes so regularly, how do always make time to get a workout in? I keep a checklist for the entire week: schoolwork, housework, time with Brett and the Mutts, and workout. And sleeping a little less to get thing done.
Tell us something people don’t know about you? I hate taking liquid medications and getting shots!

find group fitness near me belle meade - Athlete of the Month: Phuong Dollar

If a Workout was created in your honor, what difficult movement would have to be in it? Squat Snatch
What is something you like to do to relax? I love cooking and baking (not doing the dishes, Brett does them).
If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? Ho Chi Minh City
Give us a suggestion for a ‘Question of the Day’ With exactly three words, describe your significant others/ love ones…