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Can you believe it is already 2020! We wanted to kick things off this year with something a little different, an Athlete of the Month Profile of one of our Coaches! Scott started as an athlete and eventually became a coach at CrossFit Solid Orange! Everyone can attest to his work ethic, love of hard and grinding workouts and his passion for helping others. We enjoy having him and he makes our CrossFit box a better place!

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Tell everyone about yourself!
I’m originally born in Columbus Georgia, then raised in Salem Alabama. About 30 minutes outside of Auburn. My Mom and Pops moved up here with another family to help start a church in Manchester. And that in a nutshell is how I got here.
I was an iron worker for almost 15 years breaking my back in the rod pile. Now I’m a tower crane operator while also running my own small small business of horse shoeing. I’ve always loved being around horses.
I have 3 daughters Taleigha 9, Susan 5, and Ellie 4, that are my whole world 😊
What currently fills up all of your available time?
What available time ??? I do enjoy deer hunting. Though I don’t get to do much of it.
Give everyone an idea about your journey starting CrossFit? Little over 2 and a half years ago. I blew my ACL in my right knee. Could barely walk when I walked into a CrossFit box. Started my on ramp classes with a knee brace on and hobbling around.

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What do you tell people who are thinking about starting CrossFit?
The only regret you will ever have is not doing it sooner!!
Why are you passionate about being a CrossFit Coach?
I really enjoy people ! I enjoy the energy I get from helping and pushing people. I know what CrossFit has done for me and I want to help others experience that!
Describe an experience as a Coach that made you proud…
So far my favorite moment has been when I worked one on one with an athlete and helped get her first rope climb. That was pretty awesome! The excitement on her face was priceless!
What was your best personal experience when you though to yourself “Wow, I’m glad I do CrossFit!”?
Climbing my crane every morning. I can climb 325 feet of ladders in under 6 minutes!
Also carrying a deer out on my shoulders sandbag style!! About 800 meters & 120 lbs (roughly on both measurements) with only one break, and I truly thought I’m glad I do CrossFit!
Share a goal for 2020 that you have!
On the workout side of things. Really want to train and do Karen unbroken. On personal side I’m currently chasing a dream of joining the army national guard.

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Why is the burpee the greatest workout movement ever created?
Dude !!! They burn a lot of calories and studies have shown they speed up your metabolism! So they are still working after your done doin them! You can do them practically anywhere. Awesome for conditioning !!!
Tell us something people don’t know about you?
I’m red green color blind. Have a hard time seeing break lights and stop lights during daylight hours.
If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?
That’s a tough one. I’d like to go on a tour of Italy. See the cathedrals and the coliseum where the gladiators fought! Also, I’d also really just like to go on an elk hunt in Colorado.