find local crossfit gym belle meade - Athlete of the Month: Tucker Chastain

As we roll into the Fall (and College Football Season), our September athlete of the month if Tucker! He consistently pushes himself to new personal bests and his growth has been incredible. Maybe even this year his Vols will upset that team from Tuscaloosa!
What do you do for a living?
I am a member service representative for Ascend Federal Credit Union. In short, I handle everyday account maintenance for our members. This includes anything from opening an account to processing consumer loans. So if you need a new ride or low interest credit card, hit me up! 😎
Give everyone some information on your background…
I am originally from small farm town about 75 miles southeast of Nashville called McMinnville. I am the middle child of five. I have an older brother and sister and two younger sisters. After graduating from UT I moved to Nashville and eventually met my future wife, Brittany and the rest is history!

find gym near me belle meade - Athlete of the Month: Tucker Chastain

What got you to give CrossFit a chance?
I originally gave CrossFit a chance in Knoxville while I was in school. I moved away for one summer for an internship and never went back. I grew up playing competitive team sports so CrossFit seemed like a no brainer for me. The class atmosphere and having the workout planned for me each day made it feel more like being on a sports team that I was used to. Fast forward about five or six years after school, I found myself running several days a week for exercise and becoming completely bored with that routine. One morning I found a flyer on my windshield for CFSO and gave Coach a call that day. And I have been here ever since.
What do you tell people who are thinking about starting CrossFit?
When I hear someone say that they are thinking about starting CrossFit, I encourage that decision. My first thought is to just give it a try. Don’t go into it with a negative mindset or attitude or with the idea you got from your friend who read an article that CrossFit is “bad” for you. Form your own ideas and opinions after you have completed a week of classes. My overall message is that If you want challenging workouts, start. If you want a room full of people who want you to get better and cheer you on no mater what, start. 🙌
What is your proudest moment at CFSO?
Proudest moment at CFSO to date was completing the workout ‘Murph’ in under an hour. Granted I didn’t have the vest on but I will next year. 💪

find local crossfit belle meade - Athlete of the Month: Tucker Chastain

What was your best personal experience when you though to yourself: “Wow, I’m glad I do CrossFit!”?
I can’t narrow does a single experience as to why I am glad I do CrossFit. But I can narrow it down to our specific gym here at CFSO. All you fellow CFSO athletes as well as the coaching staff are why I am glad I do CrossFit. It is rare to have that many people be a part of one gym with hardly any ego or bad attitudes getting in the way.
If a Workout was created in your honor, what difficult movement would have to be in it?
I feel like in the CrossFit world, everyone HATES running. I happen to enjoy some running thrown into a workout. So if a workout was created in my honor, there would have to be some running. For a difficult movement, I’d say handstand push-ups(HSPU) or over head squats. I am terrible at both.
Tell us something people don’t know about you?
Most people wouldn’t guess or know this about me but I am a huge fan of bluegrass music. I love music of all types but bluegrass is my favorite. It started at very young age when my dad use to take me and my brother to bluegrass concerts at the ryman every summer.

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Cheesiest and most memorable warm-up we’ve done?
I can’t think of a cheesiest warm up but most memorable would probably be Med-Ball dodgeball.
When you’re not CrossFitting, what do you like to do?
When I am not at the gym or work, I’m generally spending time with my wife, friends, and family. Anything from family cookouts, to music festivals and sporting events. If you’ve never caught a concert at the Ryman Auditorium, you have to go. Same goes with a football game in Neyland stadium.
Give us a suggestion for a “Question of the Day”…
A)Serious questions: At what point are we good enough? When are we self improved enough to accept ourselves?
B)Less serious: Would you cut off your dominant hand or foot if it meant your team would win the Super Bowl?(or equivalent in your favorite sport)