find gym classes bellevue - Modifying a Workout While Pregnant

So, you’ve made the choice to stay active and workout during your pregnancy? Fantastic! There are numerous examples of women maintaining their physical fitness with CrossFit throughout most of their pregnancy. The result: A happy person during the pregnancy and a more active and healthier mother many years into the future!
With that being said, it’s important to know that your physician is aware of your love for CrossFit and that you are allowed continue to work out! Some other best practices: You should let your coaches know as soon as reasonably possible that you are indeed pregnant. Always err on the side of caution, if you are not sure of something, find a suitable substitution. With that said, these are easy ways to alter some common CrossFit movements and are a WORTHY modification!
Dumbbells, Dumbbells, Dumbbells!
With so many CrossFit classes revolving around the barbell, it can be tough to navigate that bar from the ground to your shoulders or overhead. As soon as it seems like the bar path will be compromised, switch to dumbbells for everything! Almost every movement with a barbell can be changed to the dumbbell – one added benefit will be that most dumbbell movements are harder than with the barbell! Also, many of your gymnastic movement, such handstand/pike push-ups can be done with the dumbbell.
Aching feet? Does the idea of jogging 1-mile seem like it’s more of a pain than necessary? No Sweat, well actually still sweat, just using several alternatives. The Airdyne bike or the Concept 2 Rower or Ski ERG are usually available as a quick modification for the run. You’ll earn a whole new love-hate relationship with that bike. 😃
Skipping Rope
Another form of fantastic cardio that all us CrossFitters do. Next time when ‘triple-unders’ show up, don’t use that as an excuse not to work out. Instead see if some foot tapping to a plate (called Fast Feet at CFSO) will still get the same effect, without worrying about that rope causing some fresh wounds.
We all know the idea of not doing burpees at a CrossFit class sounds like a terrible idea, but rest assured, you can actually complete a class without ever doing a burpee. If for some reason your hard-nosed coach decides to program burpees, do an easier scale that eliminates the push-up portion of the movement. Called a ‘kick-back’, instead of going to the ground all the way, just go into the plank and then kick the legs back to stand up. Now only if these were allowed during the OPEN.
Reduce the Intensity
Wait, what? You’re being told to go lighter and perhaps do fewer reps during a workout? This can’t be true. Well, yes, yes, it is. Pregnancy obviously affects your plan to make it to the CrossFit games this year. But that little bundle of joy (bundles?) will make it all worth it. Remembering the main benefit of continuing to work out is your overall mental and physical health means that as that due date approaches, learn to take it easier. Moving well and with proper form is a better long-term plan, that way when you come back, you can really crush it and show everyone who’s the greatest!