This Saturday, starting at 8AM, we host the second annual CrossFit Solid Orange Ladies Powerlifting Event!  What is Powerlifting?  It’s three lifts: The Back Squat, the Bench Press, and the Deadlift.  Each athlete gets three attempts to lift the heaviest weight in each of those lifts!  Everyone lifts the same bar and the weight continues to goes up from its starting point.  


Now this is where the strategy comes into play. Should you lift a lighter bar to get a score and use one of your three lifts – or should you wait?  However, if you wait too long the bar’s weight might get too high and you might not score a successful lift!


The event is a friendly competition and it promotes a unique experience for every athlete.  The CrossFit Solid Orange family cheering you on – alongside the athlete’s own mental focus will push themselves to new highs.  It is one of the coolest sites when all their fear subsides and they persevere with a NEW PERSONAL BEST.



 Some highlights from last years event