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So you worked out during your pregnancy and then had your beautiful new child…so what’s next? Well here is some information to think about regarding getting FIT again!
Start postpartum carefully
There is no need to jump into a workout right away, even if you have been consistently hitting the gym during your pregnancy. Once you have the all clear to resume physical activities, start slowly and allow for more time to both do your exercises and rest between sets.
Repair abdominal muscles
Commonly, women experience a separation of rectus abdominals (main ‘core’ muscles). Be aware of this and if needed, ready for physical therapy.
General Instability
Childbirth creates a softening the ligaments and joints and can linger for several months afterwards. You may experience unstable joints or a feeling of a wobble as well as a loose pelvis.
The Pelvic Floor
After pregnancy, you may find a need to do some Kegel exercises. These will address any issues and help strengthen the pelvic floor. There are several resources showing you what and how to do on your favorite video websites.
Don’t want to just sit around? These are some movements to get you started:
Beginner: Hip Bridges and light walking. Getting moving again is vital to your overall health. Start with some easy walks for 5+ minutes and add durations everyday if you’re feeling good about it. Additionally, some supine hip bridges can help you address some needed mobility in a crucial part of your body.
Intermediate: Air Squats and Plank holds. Once you’re moving again and confident, continue your progress and target the entire body with some Air Squats. The plank can also be used as another safe midline stability exercise. Again, don’t worry about the number of reps and instead count the time you spend doing both, aiming to increase it everyday. Also, be sure to practice breathing and bracing during both the squatting, and the floor plank.
Advanced: Burpees and Lunges. The burpee will always be the best body weight activity to see increased blood flow, metabolic conditioning, and general strength improvements. Lastly, the walking lunges help address any imbalance in either your right or left side while improving your accuracy, balance and agility.
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