Welcome to CrossFit Solid Orange!  My #1 dedication is waking up everyday to guide you to a happier and healthier life. You are an athlete in my eyes, regardless of your fitness background!

Likes: Great Sports Talk, Hamburgers over Pizza, Guacamole AND Sour Cream, and of course Corny Jokes.


BONUS - If you ask me to tell you a 'Dad Joke' on your first day!

Dislikes: Missing ANY WORKOUT! 😀

CrossFit Certified Coach
USA Weightlifting Certified Club Coach


CrossFit gave me the confidence to turn my life around - I've dropped over 100 pounds of body fat!  I will make sure you always feel safe and at home ready to workout!

Likes: Improv (I perform at Third Coast Comedy in Nashville!), Olympic lifting (especially the snatch), and working out to deep musical cuts. 


BONUS - Ask me if a hotdog is a sandwich 😂

Dislikes: Thrusters!

CrossFit Certified Coach


Coaching athletes at CrossFit Solid Orange is my passion.  You are stronger than you can ever believe, with just a little direction from us!

Likes: Everything sports,  Nashville Predators, Volunteers Football, and the Tottenham Hotspurs. You can catch me playing ice hockey every Sunday.


BONUS - Let's do a Power Clean Competition! 😝

Dislikes: Overhead Squats! 

CrossFit Certified Coach


I love CrossFit and have a passion for it - because it has changed my life! After a devastating knee injury and unable to squat my own body weight; CrossFit has built my legs as strong as they ever have been.

Likes: Wall Balls, College Football (Roll Tide), and Deer hunting!


BONUS - If you want to do burpees with me!

Dislikes: Squat snatch and overhead squats... Lemon meringue pie 🤮

CrossFit Certified Coach


You will see the transformation you've always wanted with CrossFit - I coach with a tremendous amount of JOY for CrossFit because it changed my life!

Likes: Every single song from Hall & Oates, making cheesy Instagram videos, and playing with my best friend, Mark Wahlberg (He's my dog)!


BONUS - You'll forever be my #1 if you ask to see a picture of my dog. 🙌

Dislikes: Traffic & Running!

CrossFit Certified Coach


403 Harding Industrial Dr.

Nashville, TN 37211

Text: 615.988.4437


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