Do beginners belong in a CrossFit Class?

Yes! There a several options we provide with personalized coaching to get you started.  The best option is to meet one on one with a Fitness Coach in our 'No Sweat' Intro visit.

I have had an injury in the past.  Can I do this?

Yes! Recovering from an injury involves practicing the correct natural body movement, increasing your functional range of motion, and growing stronger. These are the foundations of CrossFit!

What experience should I expect?

Every class begins with a warm-up then workout. In between you are coached up how to perform the movements and given appropriate expectations. The workouts vary every day, specializing in un-specializing.

My eating habits have caught up to me. Do you provide assistance?

Of course! You can't out train a poor diet. We provide ongoing education and body fat measurements for everyone. We have an elegant solution to the world’s most vexing problem.

Does your facility provide showers?

Yes we have private showers for both men & women!  Also, there is a fresh towel service included.

Can I Enjoy Optimal Health Without Being an Athlete?

No! Athletes experience a protection from the ravages of aging and disease that non-athletes never find. For instance, 80-year-old athletes are stronger than non-athletes in their prime at 25 years old. If you think strength isn’t important, consider that strength loss is what puts people in nursing homes. Athletes have greater bone density, stronger immune systems, less coronary heart disease, reduced cancer risk, fewer strokes and less depression than non-athletes.

What if I Don’t Have Time for all This?

It turns out the intensity of training that optimizes physical conditioning is not sustainable past 45 minutes to an hour. 

Here’s the good news: World-class, age-group strength and conditioning is obtainable through an hour a day three - six days per week

Where are you located?

Our address is 403 Harding Industrial Dr. Nashville, TN 37211. We share a building with Swiftkick MMA. You may enter through their doors, or park in the back and come in through our doors.

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403 Harding Industrial Dr.

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