Athlete of the Month: Rashaun Davis

June 26, 2018

Our July 2018 "Athlete of the Month" is Rashaun Davis!  He is one the originals here, having started when classes were just one person at a time!  It's amazing to see how far he's progressed in 1.5 years.  We can't wait to see what he accomplishes in the future!



Why did you get into CrossFit?

I loved the competitive/sport nature of it. I also liked the intensity and variety of the workouts. After joining, the support and "family" feel of the gym was a great bonus as well.



How do you compare the workouts here at CrossFit Solid Orange with what you did in the past?

The CrossFit workouts are a lot more full body oriented than what I was doing before. They are more intense but leave you feeling great afterwards. My workouts before were very basic and did not get me the results that I have gained since starting CrossFit.



What was your best personal experience when you though to yourself "Wow, I'm glad I do CrossFit!"?

Competing in my first Open and seeing how huge it is and how supportive everyone was....that was my "Wow" moment.



When did your discipline pay off and you noticed a difference?

After my first competition, I noticed a huge difference in my discipline and my excitement to reach fitness goals.




Who motivates you to be your best self?

Definitely my wife and kids!



Give us a suggestion for a "Question of the Day"...

Do you wet your toothbrush first, then add toothpaste or do you put the toothpaste on first, then add water?








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