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CrossFit Solid Orange offers fitness training classes from very early in the morning all the way into the evenings to fit your busy schedule.  Every session is lead by a professional and knowledgeable coach, guiding you every step of the way!

We offer CrossFit with Interval-Training Bootcamp, Strength and Conditioning Sessions, Olympic Weightlifting, and Personal Training.

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We opened our doors in 2016 putting an emphasis on helping people keep coming back that had trouble ‘sticking’ to a workout program. Our members are consistently successful achieving RESULTS because we connect you with another member that shares your goals!


Brand new to CrossFit? Looking for a change of scenery or moving into town?

We are here to answer your questions and help you get started along the way!

Our Common Questions and Answers about CrossFit in Nashville webpage will help guide you in the right direction.

CrossFit Solid Orange believes strongly in welcoming people from all walks of life and fitness levels.

We absolutely love to witness the positive, life-changing transformation our members see, which spills over not only into health, but work, family and overall happiness levels.

Whether you never worked out before, use to work out, but stopped, or looking for a change of scenery, view our CrossFit Gym Classes Nashville schedule page as well.


CrossFit is your vehicle to finally transform your life in a positive way. We see gigantic increases in our members overall health, wellness and life fulfillment. CrossFit is much more than just exercising, or nutrition – it’s a community.

Our local Nashville Crossfit Gym has forged lasting bonds and friendships through blood (not too often, ha, sweat, and some tears along the way).

When you break down perceived barriers, you’ll realize you were more powerful than you ever thought, and you can achieve everything you want in life through the correct path.

CrossFit Solid Orange knows the path, walks it, and welcomes our members to this tight-knit, welcoming, challenging, yet extremely rewarding journey.

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**NEW** Classes 7 Days a Week with 24 Hour Access Privileges

  • Personal or Group CrossFit Classes (make friends and challenge yourself)
  • Wide Range of Exercises and Class types (enjoy working out again with new tactics)
  • Convenient 24 Hour Access privileges (ultimate flexibility to YOU)
  • Caring, Knowledgeable Trainers (we will help you improve your fitness)

Increased Physical Strength:

The high-intensity, multi-joint movements in CrossFit may help you gain muscle strength and stamina. Adding additional weight to your workouts can further increase muscle gain by adding stress to your muscles.

Aerobic fitness:

CrossFit’s high-intensity power training (HIPT). This type of training may help to increase VO2 max, or the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize during exercise.

However, research has been inconclusive on both the short- and long-term effects of CrossFit on physiological changes and aerobic benefits. More research is needed to understand how CrossFit improves aerobic fitness compared to other forms of exercise.

Agility, Balance and Flexibility:

CrossFit workouts often include functional exercises, or exercises that mimic movements you do in everyday life. Functional movements, such as squats, kettlebell swings, or overhead presses, can help improve agility, balance, and flexibility.

Burn calories and manage weight:

CrossFit workouts may help you burn more calories than other workouts. On average, a 195-pound male or 165-pound female will burn 15 to 18 calories per minute and 13 to 15 calories per minute, respectively, during a CrossFit circuit. You may also continue to burn calories during the recovery period.

That’s compared to 11 calories per minute and 9 calories per minute during traditional weight lifting using machines.

If your goal is weight loss, try following a healthy diet in addition to following a CrossFit exercise regimen.


Beginner CrossFit:

As far as frequency goes: try to go to 3 times a week as quickly as possible. Working out 1 day and taking 1 day off is a good starting point. An example is working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and taking Tuesday, Thursday and the weekends off.

  • Get used to working out regularly
  • Go to working out 3 times a week as quickly as possible
  • Choose a frequency you can maintain for the long run

Advanced CrossFit:

If this frequency is really hard to follow because of your work, school schedule or family duties you can play around with it and maybe use a 5 days on, 2 days off schedule.

So don’t get totally crazy right from the start and do 6 workouts in your first week of training, especially when you have not been working out for some time. However, do aim to get to 4-5 workouts per week within reasonable time for best results.


If you want it to, it will! Everybody has the potential to be shaped and toned by CrossFit workouts but when you enter the gym you’ll notice not everyone has a fitness model physique.

Put in the hard work and you’ll definitely see results but set yourself small achievable goals like losing a few pounds or kilos to start off with. Remember, it’s all about the journey


Many people prefer CrossFit as it is possible to achieve specified results in a shorter amount of time. It is intense and it is fast-paced. A workout can be performed – with maximum benefits – in 15 minutes or less, each day.

By performing CrossFit, you are able to lose weight more quickly than if you engaged in an average gym workout, over a certain amount of time. This is because a CrossFit workout helps to burn a higher number of calories than a traditional workout.

CrossFit exercise programs will allow you to develop strength at a faster rate than traditional workouts. This is due to the overall intensity of the program. Over the course of just a few weeks, you will discover that you have higher levels of strength and that your body becomes more toned.

CrossFit exercises help to improve the health of your heart. This is because – as you work out – the heart rate remains elevated. This has a direct impact on your endurance. The heart will be able to handle more and more.

CrossFit is able to improve your overall health. It positively impacts the respiratory system, your coordination, the body’s amount of flexibility, will increase strength, will improve speed, will help increase stamina, and will build your agility levels.

By performing a CrossFit program, you will be working the entire body. When working out at the gym, you only work a certain part of the body, over time.

Individuals that perform CrossFit find that their mobility is drastically improved, over time. This is because of the fact that the exercises are based on regular movements that are performed by the body each and every single day. Not only will this help aging populations, but it will also help those that are required to perform physical rehabilitation therapy.


You can start to feel and see some changes in as little as one month. Most people start to notice a little more muscle definition in their shoulders, their pants might feel a little looser and they have more energy


1. More personalized service– CrossFit is more expensive than LA Fitness or 24 hour fitness because it requires significant more personalization of service. At a standard gym, you pay $30-50 a month to walk in and use their real estate and equipment. At a CrossFit gym you typically require a group instructor to lead the class which is typically less than 20 people.

Comparatively to other group fitness classes CrossFit is not really that much more expensive

2. Economics– A CrossFit gym cannot typically handle the number of people of a large box gym like the ones listed above. Most CrossFit gyms max out in capacity around 200 members. Even the largest of CrossFit gyms rarely has a membership over 1,000 members.

Contrast that to a large LA Fitness that can easily retain over 10,000 members. You simply need to charge more to justify costs per square foot and maintain profitability.

3. Its kind of like joining a club– You are also paying for the social aspects of CrossFit. When you join a CrossFit gym you are not just picking a place to workout you are choosing to join a club that offers social aspects as well.


The monthly membership fees for a CrossFit gym are usually between $100 and $200. Although this is significantly high compared to traditional gyms, CrossFit gyms are a specialty, and members will be willing to pay more to access facilities with advanced equipment, specialty classes, and a great team/club atmosphere.


The WOD (work out of the day) may be a 30-minute endurance-based one or it could have a shorter, more intense nature. It really will depend but as a starting point, here is an example of what you can expect:

Warm Up

    2 min on the rowing machine

    10 Banded crab walk (each side)

    10 glute bridges



    Work up to your 3RM back squat (heaviest weight you can do for 3 repetitions)

    Important to use good form under heavier weights and not sacrifice technique


20min AMRAP (As Many Reps or Rounds As Possible):

    15 wall balls

    10 box jumps

    10 toes to bar

    50 double unders or 100 singles

Cool Down

    Stretch and foam roll

How Long is a Typical CrossFit Workout?

A typical CrossFit workout is 1 hour. It’s split up into 4 parts including the warm up (5-10 minutes), strength component (15 minutes), WOD (20-30 minutes) and cool down (5 minutes).


Contrary to popular belief, CrossFit is totally beginner-friendly.

Read up on the basics

Before starting CrossFit, it’s helpful to study up on the lingo. When you’re new to CrossFit, the terms and abbreviations may seem like an entirely different language — when I first started CrossFit back in 2013, I was confused for weeks (and that’s totally normal, as it takes time to memorize everything).

Here are a few common terms you’ll likely see and hear the first time you set foot in a CrossFit gym:

    WOD: Workout of the Day.

    AMRAP: As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible. Used when the workout is a circuit, and you’re supposed to do as many rounds as you can within the given time cap.

    EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute. Used for interval-style training.

    Box: Another term for gym. When people say, “I’ll see you at the box,” they mean the CrossFit gym.

    GPP: General Physical Preparedness, or the term CrossFitters use for overall fitness.

    Metcon: An abbreviation for “metabolic conditioning,” a type of training that improves endurance.

    The whiteboard: Where CrossFit gyms write the WOD and athletes’ scores.

You may also find it helpful to read about the methodology behind CrossFit and why CrossFitters do the types of workouts they do. You can find a massive library of information, as well as helpful video tutorials on common CrossFit movements, on the CrossFit website.

These are a few of the foundational CrossFit movements you’ll learn as you go through your new gym’s programming.

  1. Don’t let the stereotypes keep you from trying

Many people feel intimidated by CrossFit because they’ve only seen CrossFit Games athletes on ESPN throwing 300 pounds overhead and flipping massive tires. They haven’t seen the grandmas and grandpas, moms and moms-to-be, college students and young professionals who also do CrossFit.

“Most of our members are just your everyday people who value their fitness,” Davin Arkangel, head CrossFit coach and owner at CrossFit Camarillo tells CNET. “We have members of all ages, all professions, all backgrounds, and they just have one thing in common: They know they need physical movement to stay healthy.”

The majority of people who do CrossFit do not look or perform like the Games athletes. Those athletes are the elite few, and it took years of training four to six hours a day to get to that level. The rest of the CrossFit world consists of your average fitness enthusiast who works out for an hour and then gets on with the rest of their day. 



Ryan Coogler, Owner/Head Coach

Ryan was born and raised in Cupertino, California and received a degree in Economics from Clemson University. After graduation Ryan began his career in Greenville, South Carolina.  There he developed a love for running, training with running clubs for marathons and ultra marathons.

CrossFit L-2, L-1 Coaching Certification

He also found a passion for coaching, working with several fitness studios.  Later, his career took him to Dallas, Texas where he continued coaching and received multiple fitness certifications. However, it was when he moved to Houston that he first discovered CrossFit.

CrossFit Anatomy Certification

CrossFit rounded out his training and improved his fitness in almost every aspect, even helping him to rehabilitate from injuries sustained while training for marathons.  He began coaching CrossFit classes in his free time and after meeting his wife Amy, they decided to make the move to Nashville to pursue CrossFit as his full time career, opening CrossFit Solid Orange.

USA Weightlifting Club Coach L-1

Ryan has not only worked with athletes of all athletic abilities but also built a community where people can come together to celebrate and encourage each other along the way. Today, Coach Ryan serves as head coach at CrossFit Solid Orange, and spends his free time with his wife and two pups Cooper and Maisie.


Our commitment to our members and our local nearby Nashville community is felt by every single person who enters our facility. From Ryan, to our trainers, to our valued members, it’s not just words, but rather an ethos we live by, and uphold with action, rather than passive words on a mission statement word document.

The fact you are even reading this is not only to be extremely admired for your courage to change, respected, but treated with the utmost care, openness and trust. Changing ones life for the better is never an easy decision.

We appreciate your willingness to better yourself, your loved ones, family and career, and CrossFit Solid Orange does not take that lightly. You will be guided every step of the way. All you have to do is show up, and your life will change.

You can expect an absolutely fun, exciting atmosphere, friendship, healthy competitiveness, challenges, progress, growth and a version 2.0 of yourself. Because we see members who can barely do 1 pull-up become proficient masters, or imbalance issues and extreme stiffness able to have perfect balance, flexibility and stability; we know the same exact process will work for you, as it has for our members.

We welcome all fitness levels from novices who no longer want to feel trapped in their bodies, to lifelong athletes and CrossFit experts.

Do not lose your momentum or excitement to join the best CrossFit gym in Nashville and a tight-knight community of friendships. Call us right now or schedule a NO Sweat Consultation. Your future self will thank you!

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